Futureproofing Your Workplace Needs Great Leadership

Linda Sharkey

“Companies that lack proactive digital strategies and leadership will struggle to survive.” These were the words Dr Melinda Crane used to introduce Dr Linda Sharkey, who showed us how to futureproof our workplaces at Global Female Leaders 2017. Linda is an Executive Coach who specialises in questions of corporate culture, leadership and the challenges of digitisation. She wrote a well-regarded book on The Future-Proof Workplace and shared her insights with us in Berlin.

Linda is a great speaker and her ideas are very important in today’s business world. So we are very happy to tell you that today we published her talk from GFL17 on our YouTube channel. Please enjoy her ideas on modern leadership and let them inspire you for your own work.

Global Female Leaders 2017: Official White Paper

The Global Female Leaders 2017 summit took place from 7th to 9th May 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. Our dear partner Accenture provided us with an in-depth White Paper, that you can now download for free!

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GFL17: Download the Official White Paper!

The Global Female Leaders Summit 2017 took place from 7th to 9th May at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. Over 250 top-level executives gathered in the German capital in order to discuss five of the most pressing economic and political challenges humanity faces today. Download the White Paper!

Ranj Begley

How Big Data Changes our Reading Habits

At Global Female Leaders 2017 Ranj Begley showed us how her company uses data in order to better satisfy their customers. She works at Readly UK and her company is known as the “Spotify of Magazines”. Today we uploaded video footage of her session to our YouTube channel for you. Enjoy the video!

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