Female Investors for Social Justice

    | date: 26.10.2021 17:00

    How can female investors help to create a fairer and more sustainable global economy? How can we empower more impact-minded women in the investment community? How can investors inspire change in the corporate world? An unprecedented level of disruption has put the spotlight on social justice and raised pressure on corporates and investors to act. Women have a crucial role to play in leading this charge for change. By investing in organizations through the lens of social impact, female investors can foster positive change in the corporate world, while also supporting sustainable growth.

    To explore how more women in finance can become a part of the solution to society’s complex challenges, IMD’s elea Professor of Social Innovation Vanina Farber hosted a fireside conversation with impact investment expert Kristin Hull, CEO and Founder of Nia Impact Capital, a women-led investment advisor firm driving social justice and gender equality in the finance sector.

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    Kristin Hull

    CEO and Founder

    Nia Impact Capital, USA

    Prof Vanina Farber


    IMD elea Center for Social Innovation, Switzerland