Intelligent Transformation – Becoming More Resilient and Sustainable Enterprises

    | date: 14.10.2021 12:00

    Companies need to find answers in the new normal with its disruptions and changes in technology and markets, impacting how people live and work. The intelligent transformation, supported by AI, can help address some of the most profound environmental, economic, and social challenges and opportunities of our time.

    Digitalization helps companies to run in a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises. For companies to make the transformation to the intelligent enterprise a success, value realization in terms of resiliency, performance, and sustainability need to be at the center of a company’s journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

    How do we achieve this? Adoption is key to realizing business value. The intelligent enterprise and its employees need to be empowered to succeed locally and globallyEnabled people drive adoption and make the intelligent transformation a success.

    We’ve heared from and discussed with SAP technology leaders and experts what intelligent transformation is all about, why it is the key to the future of companies and how to enable it. Gained invaluable insights and ideas on how to accelerate performance driven by intelligent transformation strategy.


    Dr Feiyu Xu

    SVP, Global Head of Artifical Intelligence

    SAP SE, Germany

    Eva Zauke

    Executive Vice President, Global Head of SAP Enterprise Adoption

    SAP SE, Germany

    Kathleen Schröter

    Alchemist and Technologist

    Journey 2 Creation, Germany