Get to know our Advisory Board: Meet Tina Breidenbach

The Global Female Leaders Summit Advisory Board is a global and diverse group of dedicated supporters and knowledgeable advisors. It includes industry pioneers and regional representatives, whose combined accomplishments have positioned this summit as a leading event for female thought leaders. They serve as your on-site representatives across various topics, industries, and regions.

Through this series of articles, we seek to showcase our Advisory Board members. Learn more about one of our members, Tina Breidenbach, a Marketing, Communications and Sales Specialist.

1. What are you most passionate about as a board member of Global Female Leaders?

When I was asked to join the advisory board of the Global Female Leaders Summit, it felt like a natural fit for me to join, given my cross-sector expertise in international media paired with my passion for networking and advancing discussions about D&I and female leadership. An economic forum for female leaders is a great idea and well-needed, as it helps to advance conversations around the most pressing issues of our time within an intimate circle of leaders, policy makers and executives. While the number of events focusing on female audiences in Germany has increased in recent years, the positioning of the Global Female Leaders Summit remains unique. The fact that it offers global perspectives through international speakers and attendees is a key differentiator from other events you see in the German market. The spirit that this international audience brings to the table is just different. As a member of the advisory board, I am able to support the curation of an impactful and inspiring summit each year that dives deep into the most pressing issues of our time, which is really exciting. I have always been passionate about networking and connecting people throughout my career, and I can therefore dial in my international network when it is needed. The Advisory Board is truly international, with board members from the US, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany. Having an international advisory board in place is an advantage, as it allows the organizers to get different perspectives on key issues and priorities and to build an agenda that resonates.


2. How do you build and maintain meaningful relationships with female leaders from various backgrounds and sectors? What are the benefits and challenges of such interactions?

Global Female Leaders is an event that brings together female executives across sectors. That's a great benefit because it allows you to meet counterparts from different industries that you probably wouldn't meet otherwise. The event allows you to get inspiration from different viewpoints and broadens your horizons. The Global Female Leaders Summit has created a strong community, many attendees come back year after year. That allows you to stay in touch over time. There are also opportunities to meet outside of the summit. There are regular get-togethers throughout the year to keep the momentum and the spirit of networking going—something I appreciate a lot. We are discussing ways to create more networking opportunities internationally, with the strong involvement of the international advisory board members. I have built and maintained my international network over the years, and through regular travel and meet-ups, I am able to stay close and keep the exchange going.


3. Which is your favorite topic of the 9th annual meeting of Global Female Leaders 2024 and why?

Every year, the Global Female Leaders project team works hard to create an exciting program that resonates with the agenda of the C-level audience of the summit. This year, the summit has five core pillars: Geopolitical Challenges, The New Nature of Money, Leadership with Trust, AI and Resilience and Health. Just within 2 days, you can get a great wrap-up of what matters, why it matters, and how it may relate to you and the business you are in. The panel discussions around the core topics provide insights and fresh perspectives, and in intimate workshops and think tanks throughout the summit, best practices are shared in addition. I am especially looking forward to the discussions around "Leadership and Trust", and I am also keen to hear more about the health topics covered, given the crucial role of healthcare in modern society. 

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