Dr. Amy Jadesimi – The Mother of Nigeria’s Growing Economy

Amy Jadesimi

Dr. Amy Jadesimi is a female leader in Nigeria. She is the Managing Director at LADOL, the only 100% domestic oil and gas fabrication and logistic services based in Nigeria. Her vision for Nigeria’s future is big: She aims to develop the private economic sector so that it becomes as big as the public sector.

And she is not alone on that journey. Several politicians, even the G20, perceive the need for more economic growth. Dr. Amy Jadesimi is honored to be the woman behind that movement, who gives everything she can to use the full potential of her country. But how does she plan to achieve those goals? Has Nigeria the right pre-conditions to succeed? We asked her personally at the Global Female Leaders summit a few weeks ago.

This article gives a short overview of our talk. If you want to listen to Jadesimi’s full vision for Nigeria’s future, you should definitely check our YouTube channel.

Now is the right time to grow

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. The consumer market is huge, so the conditions for an industrial economy are right. Due to the fact that imported products are often more expensive than domestics, the demand exists.

This is one of the reasons, why the industrialization of Nigeria is a realistic goal and needs to be reached over the next years. Dr. Amy Jadesimi already worked for LADOL for 15 years and pushes the company to be one of the leading firms to create new jobs and opportunities for locals.

Nigeria, in general, is highly entrepreneurial.

Dr. Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director, LADOL

In order to support this entrepreneurship, Dr. Amy Jadesimi encourages investment for local job creation in engineering, manufacturing and more. She stresses that this is only possible when the local government creates an enabling environment for companies. Some laws already changed, allowing companies like LADOL to grow, but there is more to do.

However, how to create those jobs without money? Especially if she wants the private sector to grow, the country needs investors. Jadesimi told us that Nigeria is wealthy enough to fund its own development in the first place. Unfortunately, too much of the national budget is spent on current expenditures instead of being invested in the infrastructure. Therefore, the growth of the private sector is so important. Doing so, they can attract further investors, who are willing to add value to the industry.

Dr. Amy Jadesimi supports renewable energy

During our interview, Dr. Amy Jadesimi said that she supports renewable energy in Nigeria. She wants to build an environment, where renewable energy companies can enter the market and succeed. Even if Nigeria is rich in oil – it is also largely greenfield.

The growth of renewable energy is good for everybody.

Dr. Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director, LADOL

Dr. Jadesimi is not only the hero for thousands of talented workers in Nigeria – but also of our environment. We are curious to follow her achievements over the next years. If you are interested in her knowing plans regarding trade agreements and exporting Nigeria’s products to foreign markets, you should definitely watch our interview video!

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