Augmented Reality in Classroom

Darya Yegorina: Augmented Reality in Classroom

Innovative technologies like Augmented Reality changes the way we learn in future. We talked about Augmented Reality in education with Darya Yegorina who is the CEO of CleverBooks. Questions like why technologies are entering our lives as consumers so rapidly or why the transforming business sector and the education sector in the digital transformation era still remain in analog age?

Darya Yegorina is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CleverBooks and other ventures in multiple industries.

Darya’s current focus is on emerging technologies for education where she has the mission to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world and to create equal access to technology for kids globally. It is also important for Darya to help other women with motivation to express themselves in business and technology leading by her own example, sharing her own experience and story.

Darya is called Innovator by Irish Times, Irish Tech News and Examiner in 2017, she was selected as one of young Irish best entrepreneurs in 2016.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a new technology that is enriching real world with 3D. In other words, Augmented Reality represents a controllable virtual reality and can be seen through a mobile device. This particular fact helps user to differentiate clearly where the real world is and where the Augmented Reality based world is.

The major benefit of Augmented Reality is the ability to represent objects in real time and in 3D format which covers the visualisation aspect of learning at zero or no cost.

Why are innovative technologies like Augmented Reality important for the education of children?

Augmented Reality represents itself an emerging technology that is not widely spread as of yet, especially in the education sector. The technology with the proper educational scenario implemented behind the app can be capture attention of kids and facilitate their interest in a specific subject learning. Augmented models help in better understanding of the concepts that students are studying and it is also fun to engage them in the learning process.

“Also, think of Augmented Reality as a portable digital education tool. It is like carrying virtual laboratory or zoo right in your pocket, including a travel ticket to worldwide trips. “

The good this is not only cost effective method, but also the accessibility of the learning material as mobile device can be used any time the student or teacher want.

Thanks to combination of information, educational material and visual representation in 3D, students retain more knowledge for longer period. The knowledge obtained is connected to audio, kinetic and visual matters.

On top of that there are other technologies that teachers are interested in using in their classroom or using already. The information is reflected in the results of research conducted by CleverBooks.

How is Augmented Reality changing the landscape of education and teaching methods?

Augmented Reality is enhancing interaction in the learning process and this helps teacher to facilitate extremely engaging interactive classes. Interactivity is proven to bring faster and easier way of study material acquisition.

On top of that, emerging technologies like Augmented Reality help to drive better understanding of abstract concepts, building prototypes, models and conducting experiments that may require highly expensive equipment or investment in general to represent in a real world. Augmented Reality can do this in an extremely cost effective way and in a virtual reality format which is natural looking and gives required experience. This stimulates curiosity in students and interest to learn and discover more. Moreover, for teacher it is less stress because digital visualisation of difficult processes and/or subjects simplifies the efforts a teacher would need to put to understand the material.

What are the benefits using innovative technologies in a classroom?

The first and one of the most useful benefits is the 3D modelling of anything that is hard to visualise in a classroom. Sometimes it can geometric shapes, for example, or molecular formulae for chemistry. The ability to have this visualisation is one of the steps to personal learning as it will not leave behind the kids, who need to see what is taught.

Another benefit is interaction. The scenario built behind the app that involves interactions brings enormous benefits to the learners. The important point here is to make sure the app is of a very good quality and the educator team was working on scenario of interaction using proper pedagogy and methods of teaching.

Digital storytelling as a part of learning process starts to include Augment Reality as a part of it. Inclusion of this emerging technology enriches the way of telling such a digital story and the story becomes live and more powerful in the eyes of learners because this story becomes real in its own world which can be seen through a mobile device.

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