LEADERS’ INSIGHTS – Attracting Key Talent through a Proactive and Authentic Employer Brand & HR Marketing

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Daiga Ergle (@daigaergle) holds the role of Senior Vice President Human Resources at airBaltic Corporation, the Latvian flag carrier airline and a low-cost carrier, since early 2010. She is also leading People Management practices at Coalition Rewards (a loyalty marketing company) since 2011.

Ergle gives us an eye-opening and very educational insight to talent management at airBaltic but also in general. She gives not only great examples of motivating your workforce but also explains how engaging them through the gamification process enhances their performance and in turn maximises the company’s profitability and image.

We are very excited to share this insightful interview with you.

Speaking at the upcoming Global Talent Management Leaders 2016 summit, a premium conference organised by Management Circle AG from Germany, Ergle will give a presentation about Attracting Key Talent through a Proactive and Authentic Employer Brand & HR Marketing.

In today’s world where businesses are not only dealing with increasingly demanding customers but also with more demanding employees. How should organisations develop and nurture their employer brand and raise their game in a world where workers have more information and power?

I would suggest to start with “WHY?” What’s the purpose of doing business for us? I’m a huge fan of Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why. How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”. Without clear reason for being, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to develop sustainable, aligned and inspiring employer brand. Purpose is something that helps to define the message we want to spread, it helps to stand out from a crowd for those whom we seek to address through our employer branding effort.

“Telling great stories is a perfect way for building a brand. Stories create emotional connections that tend to stick better with people.”

People today look for the workplace where they would feel they belong, the purpose that they actually care about and are passionate about. It is an absolute must to attract young people but more and more holds true for most generations at workplace, as it’s not so much about the age of an individual, as it is about the Age we currently live.

With the world being so much transparent and accessible today, it is a key thing to be authentic and to align our employer branding message throughout the channels, being present on social media. I’d also recommend looking into more niche websites depending on the type of people profile we’re looking to reach. Those might be different depending on whether our target audience for particular message is developers, marketing people or, say, pilots.

Telling great stories is a perfect way for building a brand. Stories create emotional connections that tend to stick better with people.

“The most important step, however, is to have a great purpose for people to identify themselves with. As an airline, we’re in the business of selling the freedom – one of the most ancient human dreams of enabling people to be where and when they want to be.”

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Prior to joining airBaltic, Daiga Ergle was heading an Executive Search company – Aims International (member of a global Executive Search network). Her Human Resource management practitioner’s experience comes from several international companies, including Siemens and Stockmann. Her expertise covers General Human Resource management, Executive Search, Performance Management, Assessment & Development. She has background in HRM consulting, as well as in Training. She’s an active member of Latvian HR Club since 1999 and recently has been elected to the Board of newly established Latvian Aviation Association.

At Riga Business School’s MBA and EMBA programs she has been teaching HRM course since 2008. It is not a rare occasion when Daiga is invited to share her experience and speak on people management and leadership related issues by other educational institutions in Riga, organizers of conferences or media representatives. She is recognized HRM expert within the network of management professionals in Latvia and beyond.

Within her PhD research she focuses on Employee Engagement and Gamification in HR.

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