Emily Penn’s Movement to Save the Oceans

Emily Penn's Movement to Save the Oceans

Emily Penn committed herself to saving the oceans. As an international public speaker and advisor on issues relating to our ocean and future environment, she raises awareness for the current environmental issues, especially with the plastic problem.

At the Global Female Leaders Summit, we had the chance to meet her and get to know her engaging personality. Our talk about the current plastic situation all around the world was so interesting that we would like to share it with you.

Emily Penn raises the attention to environmental issues

Emily Penn studied architecture in Cambridge in the first place. However, due to her passion for nature and the necessity of environmental change, she always felt the need to achieve positive change for our environment. After having worked on many side projects, she pays more attention to environmental issues in her career.

Now she is involved in so many exciting projects that we are wondering how she makes time for all of them. In 2014, she established the eXXpedition and since 2018 she is Ocean Rescue Ambassador & Special Advisor at Sky. Moreover, she is Advisor for Education and Corporate Engagement at Parley Ocean School, Trustee at Nekton Foundation and of course freelancer with her own personal brand.

As you can imagine – she is a woman with limited time. So we are even more honored that she enriched our summit with her experience and answered some questions during an interview, which can be found at our YouTube channel. This article gives a short summary.

Women’s fight against plastic pollution

Emily Penn started a movement with a group of women from several nationalities and totally different skill sets. Why only women? Because women face especially negative effect from ocean pollution. This is scientifically proven!

The young ocean advocate investigated her own blood and tested it on 35 toxic chemicals. The result is scary. She had 29 of these chemicals inside her body. In fact, these toxic chemicals are particularly dangerous for women. Therefore, she felt the need stronger than ever before to fight against ocean pollution.

The health of women all over the world is endangered. So she supported women to incorporate and study plastic as well as toxic pollution. It is still a tough challenge. Most of the plastic in the ocean is breaking down into tiny fragments, which are called microplastics. Emily Penn stated that:

It is hard to measure how much plastic actually is in the water and much harder to clean it up.

Emily Penn, CEO and Founder, eXXpedition

However, even if it is hard, private people, as well as companies, accept the challenge. Companies like Adidas and Sky already started the fight and integrated the plastic issues in their business plans. But what particular actions can be done to save the oceans? How can companies act to stop ocean pollution? Which impact can each of us have?

The biggest opportunity right now is to stop that plastic going into the ocean.

Emily Penn, CEO and Founder, eXXpedition

If you are interested in what she meant by that, you should definitely watch the full interview. We would like to thank this incredible woman for her commitment, which leads to a better life for each of us!

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