Female leaders are embracing changes related to COVID-19

Female leaders are embracing changes related to COVID-19

It‘s our great pleasure to share with you the results of the Global Female Leaders Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition.

The outlook provides insight into the minds of female leaders as the pandemic continues to upend societies, communities and economies. Nearly 700 female leaders across 52 countries were surveyed between September and October 2020 to understand the impact on their professional and personal priorities throughout the pandemic. 44 percent of the respondents are with companies that have more than US $500M in annual revenue.

The questions are based on economic and business expectations, risks and opportunities, as well as on career and gender diversity factors. This framework enables to draw comparisons between the pre-COVID world and the new reality. Contrary to the opinion of many analytics, the respondents are less pessimistic about COVID-19’s impact on women.

According to them, the crisis may create new opportunities for women as a result of improved digital communication, advances in technology and changes in stakeholder expectations.



Female leaders are embracing changes related to COVID-19 and are realistic about what the new reality holds for their organization. For more information please view: Growth and Digital economy


Female leaders say making a positive impact on the world is a top motivator. For more information please view: Sustainability, Strengthening resilience and Shifting stakeholder orientation


Female leaders assess COVID-19 as a potential equalizer for gender equality. For more information please view: Evolving working world, Personal implication, Diversity & inclusion and Family structures & role models


COVID-19 is an accelerator for digitalization and ignites change in many areas.

New technology will be the driver for wealth and growth.

The new reality will be shaped by altered stakeholder expectations, resulting in companies aligning their business success to a greater agree with their approach to sustainability, higher engagement in social responsibility but as well in governance aspects.

Global Female Leaders do not expect the pandemic to have a strong negative impact on their career.

New digital communication & collaboration tools support the ability to combine business and family.

Female role models might lead to the needed cultural change in the mid- to long-term.

The study will explain where these statements are coming from.


Reach out for insight on how female leaders view corporate leadership, where they focus their attention and what they are willing to change.

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