Future Mobility as a Challenge for Society and Engineers

Dr.-Ing. Katharina Helten

Future of mobility depends on many political, societal and market  environmental factors that are currently undergoing a constant change. New regulations regarding CO₂ and NOx, zero-emissions zones in the cities, mindset change especially with growing generation Y and new market players influence the process of co-creating that future now.

Car Ownership

One of the challenges connected to mindset change among customers is a decrease in ownership necessity. Younger generations do not feel that owning a car is essential to their status or practicality of life, compared to older generations. Dr.-Ing. Katharina Helten presented three main pillars of future mobility:




Automated Driving



Rethinking Mobility

Emphasising that the ability of a company to tell a story on how to get from point A to B will become essential. We need to consider the infrastructure, not as an addition to development, but an integral part that enables people to use new technologies.

car, mobilityIt is recognised that continually changing product requirements and the new type of customers pose a challenge to today‘s engineers. She took a stand that new players in the markets are crucial as interaction with them keeps companies sharp, striving for agility and continuous adaptations. Therefore continuous changes are crucial for co-creating the future of mobility.

What’s next?

New technologies and social trends are creating a new way of mobility and a new ecosystem. Innovation is the reason why companies are developing their cars constantly. This radical change results in a new ecosystem.

Which company will follow the crowd and which company will stay behind?

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