A Friendly Good Morning and our Highlights on Monday

Empfang Montag

Good Morning! We hope you had a great evening last night at the China Club, or, in case you just arrived: Welcome to Berlin!

Since we will start with the our keynotes and other sessions, we want to prepare you for the day by outlining its broad topics as well as some of its highlights.

Global Uncertainty and Economic Challenges

We start things of with one of the major themes of Global Female Leaders 2017, and simultaneously with one of the major themes of the current developments in the West. With Brexit and Trump, the new government in Poland and developments like in Turkey, isolationism is on the rise in many countries. Just yesterday another important election took place in France, where (fortunately) the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen wasn’t victorious. All of these developments entail many economic consequences that should be of interest to business and political leaders all over the world. Thus, we start with a Janet Henry’s Keynote Presentation on the topic as well as an Executive Panel Discussion on The Crisis of Globalization.


Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

After this heavy topic we will try looking forward. The next part of the day is all about robotics, artificial intelligence and the use of data. We will hear from robotics experts such as Dr Pippa Malmgren (H Robotics, UK) Wendy Roberts (Five Elements Robotics, USA) and Samatha Payne (WIRED and Open Bionics, UK). We are very interested to hear what they will tell us about our future as well as our present.


Check out our programme for the afternoon highlights!

The afternoon will be *really* busy, since we will kick off our Think Tank Academy at 2:15pm. By the way, if you need assistance finding the right room for the think tank of your choosing, feel free to ask our nice staff. They will gladly point you in the right direction.

Besides the think tank sessions, other key themes of the afternoon will be the topics of life science as well as leadership in a digital world. Feel free to check out our programme for more details. (And keep in mind that you can check out the programme in our app as well!)

We hope you’ll have a great day and much to talk about at our Festive Gala Dinner during the evening hours!


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