Leadership 4.0: Digital, Agile and Female

Global Female Leaders Outlook

The Global Female Leaders Outlook 2018 (GFLO) is a worldwide survey in cooperation with KPMG International and KPMG in Germany with nearly 700 female leaders from 42 different countries. For the first time on a global basis the views of female leaders were brought together. In this article we would like to share some of the key findings of the female workforce. Are female leaders prepared for the economic challenges in furture?

The report represents the voice of female leaders around the world and shows that they are well prepared for the challenge to come. The power of the female workforce should not be ignored.


Global Female Leaders are optimistic about growth potential, growth strategies and headcount.

77% are confindent about the growth expectations for their company.

Female Leaders expect the growth to be harder achieved today than it was before. This is also the reason why they are less confident about the growth in their own companies.

Additionally, we see a differences between the Asia-Pacific and the America/EMA region, with female leaders in the Asia-Pacific region being much more optimistic about their country’s growth.

Growth prospects for the global economy

  • Very confident
  • Confident
  • Neutral
  • Not very confident
  • Not at all confident


Digitalisation, technology and data are still opening up new possibilities. However, many companies are struggeling to find their path to transform their business models or products.

48% feel comfortable with AI, blockchain, 3Dprinting and mixed reality.

In general, female leaders see technological disruption as more of an opportunity than a threat and already see significant progress on transformation in their industry.

Furthermore, more than half of respondents consider their company capable of disrupting their sector.

53% believe AI will eliminate more jobs that it will create.

The results of the GFLO shows that female leaders have a thorough understanding of the strategic and operational requirements of the digital age. To get more insights of this study you can also visit the interactive online dashboard to review the results and filter the data based on your interests.

Reflections on Diversity, Parity and Equality

In the exclusive interview with Martina Macpherson, speaker at the Global Female Leaders 2018, we are celebrating women's achievements but also discussing past developments and key equality issues. How do you achieve constant positive performance with gender diverse teams? And most importantly, how will the female workforce change in future?

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