Make Sustainability Sexy Again

Xenia Prinzessin zu Hohenlohe

Two women in the tourism industry are deciding to take over an existing company in 2012. Financial barriers and creating a family did not held them from doing what they are passionate about. Xenia Prinzessin zu Hohenlohe talked about how they engaged hoteliers to be more sustainable but also how to make sustainability less boring.

Xenia started her career in the tourism Industry in 1993 in Spain and has since that time worked within various sectors of the hotel market globally. During her career she lived in countries like Spain, Mexico, UK, Singapore and Morocco. She is fluent in five languages and understands the true meaning of global businesses, their challenges and impacts intrinsically.

Her experience within the hospitality sectors covers areas of communication, sales and marketing as well as operations, having worked for globally renowned companies like Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Oberoi Hotels and Aman Resorts. As Founder and Partner of Considerate Hoteliers Ltd she is at the forefront of driving responsible business practices within the tourism industry through advisory services, data collection and responsive resource consumption analysis. Xenia is in charge of spreading the considerate services, products and message across markets and countries.

Facing the Facts

In 2017, 10.4% of global GDP was contributed by the tourism industry, ensuring 9.9% of total employment.

“Tourism accounts for 8% of total emissions and up to 80% of annual emissions on smaller island destinations like the Maldives.”

Additionally tourism is set to grow at 4% annually every year. Therefore, it is crucial to convince hoteliers to take action in becoming more responsible.

Two Women with a Great Business Idea

Considerate Hoteliers, two women doing what they are passionate about – developing and managing a platform to support hotels in getting more profitable though becoming a responsible business. Xenia Prinzessin zu Hohenlohe has explained how through crowd-funding, as an only investment alternative available to two women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, she and her partner established an organisation that consults hotels and educates them how to increase their profitability by becoming more socially and environmentally responsible.

How can Tourism Embrace the Challenges of Climate Change?

Your Journey to Sustainability:


Make responsible business sexy: Considerate Hoteliers came up with a campaign ”50 shades of green” for #earthhour2018.


Create the brand: make the responsible vision visually appealing and create your own story.


Engage teams: engage and empower groups that recognise the need for responsible business practices; build their community to have a spillover effect on staff, suppliers and even on guests staying at the hotel or venue.


Make it relevant: engage in responsible products and purchasing by asking yourself, for instance, whether you need to offer grapes in your canteen if it’s not the season?


Measure: get acquainted with operational tools that allow you to measure and monitor your resource consumption.


Communicate: share your achievements with the world, not only the internal one; deliver data in the format that people who don’t like reading data can easily understand; create hope spots – tangible projects that engage your customer in group efforts and allow them to take pride in these actions by issuing certificates of recognition.


Educate your guests: make people aware of your efforts and show what their options to help are; use fun factors and engage your customer to join the sustainable project.


Lead by example: show that you comply with sustainable development goals and set the standard to follow by encouraging transparent reporting.

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