“Nothing shuts down Creativity like the Fear of Failure.”


We are just “home” at the Ritz-Carlton after Sharmeen’s powerful keynote at the China Club, and now we are just starting to digest the events (and also the great food) of this first warm-up day to Global Female Leaders 2017. We are happy that you all arrived well and in a great mood in Berlin and made this such a pleasant afternoon and evening!

Changing your life is hard. *Starting* to change your life even more so.

Before we provide you with some nice pictures of the China Club reception tomorrow, we wanted to take this opportunity to write up a smal bit about the Think Tanks this afternoon. Please keep in mind, though, that your author is just one person, so there had a choice to be made. As it happened, the choice fell on Nicole Rolet’s session called “Think Tank to Wine Tank”. The quote in the title stems from her and her session interestingly dealt with the topic of hard choices as well.

Global Female Leaders

“Nothing shuts down Creativity like the Fear of Failure.”

You see, right now Nicole is managing an ancient vineyard in France. She restored it herself and makes quality wine there. But it was n’t always like that. Originally she worked in Finance at Merrill Lynch. She says she was good at her job, addicted to it even. But after years of contemplation, she gave it all up in order to pursue a dream. It was never easy, she said, and she had to overcome her fears, doubts and concerns that plague everybody who wants to make a big decision. She had a family to consider and her finances, but she did it. But she told us that she didn’t want to give in to that fear, and that she used it as a tool to motivate herself. It seemed to work, because as she spoke to us today she looked like a very happy person.

But *doing* it can be very liberating. Will you start today?

Being creative with your inner dreams and wishes is a thing Nicole challenged us to do. Her session was all about discovering them, telling others about them and identifying practical steps that empower one to work towards them. After talking a bit about her life and her restoration project, she asked us to talk to one another about what we wanted to do when we were kids… and what we do now. A melancholic and quite sobering exercise. But she also asked us to share things, we want to change with our lives *right now*, to write down first steps we could take in order to realise them, and challenged us to take one of these *today*.

Global Female Leaders
Impressionen GFL

In the end changing even smaller things about our lives is always hard when it is connected to taking risks. We are all caught up in our doubts and prefer staying within the safety of our status quo. But will that make us happy? Nicole closed her motivating session with a great quote of Theodore Roosevelt who once said: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in that grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

Mr Roosevelt was right, and this was a very positive start into this year’s event. And the wine we were allowed to taste after the session tasted all the better after listening. Thank you Nicole for this wonderful Think Tank, and may your wine sell for ages to come!

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The Global Female Leaders 2017 summit took place from 7th to 9th May 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. Our dear partner Accenture provided us with an in-depth White Paper, that you can now download for free!

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