Podcast: Deal or No-Deal? Karina Robinson talks about the current Brexit Debate in the UK

Karina Robinson: Podcast - Brexit Debate in the UK

What is happening in the UK at the moment? Since a few days we have a draft of the Brexit deal on the table between the UK and the EU. What do we have to expect? What are the biggest issues for the UK with this deal? Crucial questions we all think about in these days.

Ellen Comberg, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Global Female Leaders, talked to Karina Robinson, CEO of Robinson Hambro Ltd. in London. In this exclusive interview, Karina shared her thoughts with us on the current Brexit debate and the near future for both UK and EU.

The deal is a problem, because it basically means, the UK gives up control, even more to the European Union in order to have access to some of the European markets.

Karina Robinson, CEO, Robinson Hambro Ltd.

Karina Robinson is the Founding CEO of Robinson Hambro, a search firm specialising in Board Search and Chairman Advisory services.

Most of her career was spent as a global journalist, culminating in the role of Senior Editor of The Banker, the Financial Times’ banking magazine, and banking columnist for the International Herald Tribune.

She was raised in Madrid and attended the London School of Economics.

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For the European Union as a whole, Brexit cannot be an easy deal that leaves the UK with any advantages.

Karina Robinson, CEO, Robinson Hambro Ltd.

You definitely don’t want to miss Karina’s talk about these crucial questions:

What do we have to expect from the current Brexit negotiations?

What are the biggest issues for the UK with this deal on the table?

Might there be a new referendum in the UK?

What are the chances for a no-confidence vote regarding Theresa May?

What will happen if there is a no-deal?

What impact could a no-deal potentially have at the border between southern and northern Ireland?

How can the peace between both parts of Ireland be saved?

What is in fact necessary for the entire EU and what are the main issues for the UK?

What really would need to be reformed for the UK to come to the conclusion it does make more sense to stay in, but in a different version of the EU?

I would have great doubts that this no-confidence measure is actually going to happen, because even the most extreme Brexiteers, I am sure they are aware that who exactly is to end up in Theresa Mays shoes? Nobody really wants the job. It is a job that nobody will thank you for. So I am not entirely sure who will take it on.

Karina Robinson, CEO, Robinson Hambro Ltd.

Where will we be in May when we meet again at the Global Female Leaders? Stay tuned and book your seat now!

For further information about the current Brexit debate, please have look at the BBC website.

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