A Marketing Director’s Review of the Global Female Leaders summit 2019

Personal Reflections 2019

The Global Female Leaders Summit is a one-of-a-kind gathering of female leaders from all over the world. Once a year, this economic forum provides room for discussion, growth, development and networking for leaders and decision makers from business, government, academia and society.

Jac Phillips, one of the astonishing women excelling in her field of business, attended the Global Female Leaders summit 2019. She was delighted and fascinated by the quality of the summit and the wide array of topics and discussions it offered and eagerly shared her views and insights on some topics she could personally relate to.

As Senior Director and Head of Marketing for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific at VISA, Jac Phillips’ passion is to unlock the potential of brands and people. She loves to develop creative partnerships and explore opportunities across several markets, and her attendance at the Global Female Leaders summit expanded her horizon in several ways.

This article gives a short overview of her most appreciated discussions and keynotes during the summit. To dive deeper into her thoughts, don’t miss the new whitepaper!

Unique location and atmosphere in Berlin

It was the first time for Jac Phillips to be in Berlin. She arrived one day before the event so she had some time to do sightseeing like visiting the wall and other historical monuments in memory on the Second World War.

She loved the venues of the event. The first dinner took place at the China Club Berlin, which hailed back to the 1950s, modern Chinese art and elegant waiters. It was a promising kick-off. The main Summit area was magnificent too. Jac Phillips expected a formal atmosphere – as most women are used to from other summits. But we are glad to have been able to surprise her. Our venue has been chosen specially to represent the elegance and style of women.

Even more important is the atmosphere, which is created by every single participant and her experiences.

I loved meeting and being inspired by these forward-thinking women. They all had great stories, were warm and open to learning about each other, and everyone I met was doing something super interesting and had a strong point of view on the way of the world today and our place in shaping society in future.

Jac Phillips, Senior Director, Head of Marketing at VISA

Jac’s five favorite discussions

All three summit days have been full of interesting discussions fuelled by many fantastic speakers. However, there are five topics that Jac appreciated the most as she could especially relate to them. In her review, she shares plainly her thoughts about specific themes and also gives short summaries of what has been discussed.

Her first favorite presentation was from Dr. Nicole de Paula about the crucial importance of leaders for a healthy planet. This discussion helped Jac to recognize her blessed situation because her leaders indeed encourage greater health and well-being.

Moreover, the five most important technology trends have been discussed. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are just two of them. Find out the others in the review! Dr. Anita Sengupta made Jac want to invest in her company ASX. Her presentation about the future of transportation – from flying cars to humans on Mars – has changed the audience’s view on future mobility.

This woman rocked my world and I want to invest in her company!

Jac Phillips, Senior Director, Head of Marketing at VISA

The fourth favorite topic was Lauren Simmons’ presentation about being the only woman in the room. Her story as a young woman in the male-dominated US Stock Trader World inspired the audience in so many ways – including Jac, who had the chance to meet Lauren personally at the dinner the night before.

Are you interested in the last key presentation of the summit? Then you should download the report for free now! We hope that you enjoy the short recap and we are delighted to invite you to join us at the next Global Female Leaders summit in 2020!

Personal Reflections on the 6th Global Female Leaders Summit 2019

In an exclusive whitepaper Jac Phillips shares her thoughts about her favorite speakers and topics. Immerse yourself in Jac's personal review and get an idea of this year's event.

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