Second Global Female Leaders Outlook (GFLO): Your Voice Matters!

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Gender equality will be a success factor for every company.

Give Voice to the Global Female Leaders Outlook 2019

Many of you – and overall 700 women from 45 countries around the world – participated in the first Global Female Leaders Outlook which Management Circle and KPMG international conducted for the first time in 2018.

Even if it seems that many companies recognize that women are a success factor in the new digital age and encouragingly, the number of women leaders and female CEOs around the globe is rising, women’s voices in business are still underrepresented.

Consequently, Global Female Leaders and KPMG International decided to continue the study asking Women Business Leaders around the world to give their opinion on key challenges and opportunities facing their business, including strategies for driving future growth and the risks they are concerned about.

In addition, for this year´s survey, we intend to explore as well personal views in respect to success factors, job satisfaction, the new working world and how business leaders are embracing cultural change and what this means for women in business.

Study GFLO – Join Us!

We would like to invite you, as a female leader, to participate in this study.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses are strictly confidential, anonymized and only reported in aggregate.

Please click here to start the Global Female Leaders Outlook (GFLO) 2019. The deadline for completing the survey is March 31, 2019.

If you have not received the survey link yet, please send an email to

The results will be released in June 2019. We are looking forward to this second study and are pleased with your support. – Thank you for contributing your voice to this important conversation.

KPMG Study

See you on May, 12th in Berlin at the Global Female Leaders 2019!

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The world new order, transformational technologies and ethics were the first two core pillars which have been addressed at the Global Female Leaders 2018. A review on the global political order, its impact and technological innovations which are changing our lives.

Martina Große Bley

At Management Circle, I lead the content marketing team. Amongst others, I manage and oversee the Global Female Leaders blog. I am also responsible for the topics soft skills, project management and trademarks on the Management Circle blog. I am delighted to inform you about current topics, trends and creative ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

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