Economic Crises – Will Europe Sit Back and Let it all Happen?

In today’s time of global instability, we are, every day, stepping onto uncharted territory. It seems like we have to learn how to rationalise what previously thought irrational given the political and economic disruptions. In the Executive Panel Discussion the impact of Trumps presidency, changing thoughts on globalisation and the “trade war” have been discussed.

How to inspire 300 successful business women – a review

The 5th annual Global Female Leaders summit was a great success with overwhelmingly fantastic and encouraging feedback and a lot of positive buzz. Spanning two and a half days, our exclusive platform provided yet again a truly global networking opportunity.

The Crisis of Globalisation?

Globalisation is a very divisive term. For some it means prosperity, free trade and a free circulation of goods. For others, however, it is connected to international corporations. Learn now about the consequences of the crisis of globalisation.

Interview: Karina Robinson on the Rising Phenomenon of Populism

2016 will go down in history as the year of Brexit, Trump and the rise of right-wing, populist parties in Europe. In order to better understand the rise of populism, our Ellen Comberg (project manager at Management Circle) conducted an interview with Karina Robinson.