A big THANK YOU to all of today’s speakers!

Speaker on Stage

The Think Tank Academy is underway and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of today’s speakers for their amazing insights! Of course this morning we were able to take a look at the global political situation and celebrate the result of the French elections. We thank all the participants of our Panel Discussion as well as Janet Henry for her great keynote and Antonia Rados for her insightful presentation on the Middle East.

That said, let’s not dwell on this topic for much longer. It may be important, but we discussed it a lot on our blog in the previous months… and it is becoming quite tiresome looking at the current developments.

A Glimpse of the future

What we found really cool and inspiring were the sessions that followed this heavy topic. Listening to people like Pippa Malmgren or Samantha Payne gives one true hope for the future. Especially the way Samantha’s company gives children new hope and turns a true disability into something positive was inspiring and joyful.

Of course, there always stays the big picture and the question of how robots, automation and AI will change the labour market. But let’s take a page out of Samantha’s book and turn these fears into something positive. (We actually covered this topic on our blog in the past!) Because today we learned, that jobs won’t disappear at all. They will instead shift towards more meaningful work. Repetitive, boring tasks that require no intelligence or creativity will be done by robots, while humans can use this chance to develop their skills. Of course, this means also that there is a new responsibility for leaders to train their workforce and help them evolve.

We’ll definitely keep covering this topic in the future after the summit, because it is so interesting. And we thank all of our speakers for participating and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the day!

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