The Crisis of Globalisation?

Panel Discussion

Globalisation. It is a very divisive term. For some it means prosperity, free trade and a free circulation of goods. It is associated with global communication, more and faster opportunities to travel the globe and with less border controls. For others, however, it is connected to international corporations that circumvent democracy, with a decline in wages and an increase in unemployment. And while globalisation for a long time seemed to be the driving force behind the world economy, today many political forces are trying to turn back the clock by building new borders. And in some cases: walls.


What are the consequences of this crisis of globalisation? And what can we do to rebuild the trust in our international community?

In order to find answers, Dr Melinda Crane welcomed a panel of experts at Global Female Leaders 2017. They discussed the challenges of globalisation and the pheonomenon of populism in the Western world. We uploaded the whole discussion for you on YouTube.

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  • Stephenie Foster, Partner Smash Strategies, Former Adviser to the US State Department, USA
  • Prof Dr Henrik Enderlein, Professor of Political Economy, Vice President and Dean of Strategy, Hertie School of Governance, Germany
  • Dr Antonia Rados, Foreign Correspondent and TV Journalist, RTL Television, Germany/France
  • Dr Pippa Malmgren, Author, Economist, Co-Founder, H Robotics, UK

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