Tuesday Highlights of Global Female Leaders 2017

Speaker on Stage

Good Morning again. Please feel free to enjoy our Networking Breakfast, or, in case you were partaking in the Sight Running: Welcome back!

Let’s prepare for our Tuesday Highlights, shall we?

Leadership in the Years of Transformation

Our economy is transforming, and it’s transforming fast. Digitisation, demographic change, women’s success in business and many more developments are the drivers of disruptive changes that concern all aspects of business. Who will work in the future? How will they work? And how will they work together? Leaders have to overcome many difficult challenges in this transforming economy, and we want to talk about them. Today, we’ll hear Keynotes on the Future of the Workplace, The Millennial Myth, How Iranian Women in Tech Break the Cultural Glass Ceiling and many more. Like yesterday, there will be an interesting Executive Panel Discussion on the topic during the morning hours.


Disruption, Digitisation and Innovation

Our Tuesday afternoon is all about the topic of Digitisation. We are talking cybercrime and cyberwar, Internet of Things, innovation in financial services, and much more. There will also be a very interesting Executive Panel Discussion on Smart Cities and the Hyper-Connected World.


Check out our programme for more highlights!

Of course, we won’t leave you without the obligatory mentions of our programme and our app, because there are many more highlights to be found on day 2!

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