Welcome to GFL2019 in Berlin!

Welcome to GFL19 in Berlin!

The preparations for this year’s summit are completed and this afternoon our 6th summit for female executives starts. Have a look at today´s highlights!

The summit experience will start with the pre-summit programme in the afternoon of Sunday 11th May comprising of fun and interactive ice-breaker Think Tanks.

Cynthia Coutu, Founder and Manager, Delectabulles

A Champagne Networking Club for Women has 3 passions: People, wine and travel

Learning about wine has opened so many doors and windows for me – onto new people, different cultures and fascinating places.

Cynthia will show you the magic of blending business and passion.

Cynthia Coutu

Kate Nightingale, Head Consumer Psychologist & Founder, Style Psychology Ltd

She takes a new view on consumer business stemming from an old view on the human.

Building a bridge between science, creativity and business

Kate will show you how we can create a more human world with psychology and other behavioural sciences.

Kate Nightingale

Urmi Prasad Richardson, Global Head of Healthcare, Centre of Excellence, Linde Group

She is an innovative mastermind, dealmaker and role model.

To rich your aim, the route is not straight.

Urmi will explain that the combination of empathy and accountability is powerful.

Urmi Prasad Richardson

Emily Penn, CEO und Founder, eXXpedition

A first highlight will be the evening cocktail reception at the China Club Berlin including a keynote featuring Emiliy Penn, an oceans advocate, skipper and founder of eXXpedition.

Plastic gets barnacles that grow on it — and then that makes that plastic heavier than water and it sinks to bottom.

Emily will give us inspirations to reduce the ocean’s pollution.

Emily Penn

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Review 2019: Collaborating to Build a Better World

Once again, remarkable women and influential leaders from all over the world convened under one roof to share their expertise, perspective and acumen on how the world we live in is developing and what everyone can contribute to make a positive impact. Learn more and download the offical review 2019!

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