Welcome to GFL2022 in Berlin!

GFL2022 in Berlin

The preparations for this year’s Summit have paid off: Our 7th Summit for Women Leaders starts this afternoon. We will be updating our website with new photos throughout the event. Stay tuned!

300 Leading Changemakers at GFL2022

The growing dynamics of women taking on top positions are disbanding old patterns of thoughts and actions and this is hugely benefitting business and society at large.

Recognizing this fact, the Global Female Leaders summit proudly host some 300 changemakers and leading minds to have elevated and problem-solving discussions around some of the biggest global challenges the world is facing. Once again this year, we want to encourage diversity of thought and perspective and provide them with a global stage over two and a half days.

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Once again, remarkable women and influential leaders from all over the world convened under one roof to share their expertise, perspective and acumen on how the world we live in is developing and what everyone can contribute to make a positive impact. Learn more and download the offical review 2019!

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