Whitepaper 2018: A Brave New World?

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The world new order, transformational technologies and ethics were the first two core pillars which have been addressed at the Global Female Leaders 2018. In today’s ever-changing world, the global political order and its impact on businesses and societies were highly discussed themes. Additionally, technological innovation is moving a breakneck speed and is changing almost all aspects of our lives.

At the Global Female Leaders 2018 over 250 top-level executives gathered in the German capital in order to discuss four core topics. This review is about the first two themes:


New World Order & Global Economic Outlook


Transformational Technologies & Ethics

The highlight of the first topic was the Executive Panel Discussion with six great experts including the moderator on multilateralism and global trade. It was a wide ranging and very interesting discussion that explored everything from the current transatlantic relationships and capitalist system to the rising populist profile in western political conversation and what female leaders can do to influence the trending global politico-economic development.

The second theme is dedicated to the rapid pace and the transformational power of technology most notably artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and blockchain. Merging cutting-edge technologies with human-centric approach appears to be a way forward to maximise human potential globally in a responsible and effective way.

Get great insights on the first two topics and learn more about the key takeaways in our Whitepaper. Stay tuned for the second part!

Review Global Female Leaders 2018: A Brave New World?

The world new order, transformational technologies and ethics were the first two core pillars which have been addressed at the Global Female Leaders 2018. A review on the global political order, its impact and technological innovations which are changing our lives.

Lisa Schachner

I supervise the Global Female Leaders summit and I am also responsible for the topics banking and trademarks at the Management Circle blog. I inform you about current topics, trends and creative ideas and will not loose sight of the international perspective. I look forward to meeting you!

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