Exclusive Whitepaper Out now – The Biggest Trends in our Digitalized World

The Greatest Trends in our Digitalized Word

The Global Female Leaders summit is not only an event celebrated once a year. It consists of a big community that works on researching interesting topics, connecting you with speakers, and providing relevant content for successful female managers all over the world.

We hope that you read our latest blog articles with big interest and never miss a new article or an exclusive interview. Don’t worry if you missed some postings, we won’t crucify you. Quite the contrary, we understand you juggle a busy schedule between managing a successful business, your social network and your family life. Getting enough sleep is as important as staying up to date with the latest business trends.

In that sense, we are delighted to keep you informed with the trends that can inspire and help you lead your company in the right direction. Therefore, we created an exclusive and free whitepaper for our Global Female Leaders community: The Greatest Trends in our Digitalized World. It includes all articles of the past few months addressing tech topics. Starting with smart robots and other intelligent technologies to inspiring achievements and digital risks – reading this whitepaper will inform you extensively in only a few minutes.

Technology for success – Promising digital trends for your business

We are living in the era of intelligent technologies. To narrow down the mass of innovations, we found out 5 digital trends that will drive your business success in 2020 and beyond. All of them are broadly explained in the whitepaper, including the potential value for your company. Besides, you will find principles of the notable progress in the use of artificial intelligence.

Technology is a wide topic – but robots are probably the only digital trend that started already many years ago. Not surprising: people had enough time to evaluate the use of robots not only in industries but also in everyday life. This is probably one of the reasons why many fear the rise of robots and that robots will take away their jobs. In the whitepaper, you will find 6 industries that started already with robots replacing humans. If you are leading a business in one of these industries, you should certainly rethink your competitive position here. However, we need to stress that robots will never fully replace humans. Therefore, you will also find 4 reasons why human experience will be central to business success.

To give some inspiration regarding business innovations within the tech sector, the whitepaper contains two success stories. If you never heard about “hyperloop” you absolutely have to read this chapter. But also another company called “What3words” is currently conquering the world with their newest navigation business. Both will inspire you to lead your business in a more innovative direction.

However, digitalization always comes along with risks. We need to prepare. The increasing use of technology in business, private and public sectors provokes that digital ethics will be a hot topic in 2019 and beyond. In the whitepaper, we explain why it is especially important when dealing with artificial intelligence. If you are already using technology to a huge extent in your company – or this whitepaper convinces you to do so soon – you should also create a cyber security plan. If you already have such a plan, you should nevertheless test its functionality with our master tips.

Download the whitepaper now

Did we arouse your curiosity? Can’t you wait to read all exclusive insights about the implementation of the greatest digital trends in other companies and industries? Then just click the link below and download your whitepaper copy now! It is absolutely free – we expect nothing more from you than your interest. Happy reading!

Whitepaper 2019: The Greatest Trends in our Digitalized World

Download our new whitepaper to learn more about the whole topic of technology in businesses: The whitepaper critically evaluates why, how and where companies can make use of them. Have fun reading it!

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