Mission Female

Mission Female empowers women in business, culture, media and politics to significantly increase the number of top managers in German-speaking countries. As an exclusive executive network of female top managers across different industries, female leaders actively support each other to move up to the top even further through moderated peer groups, workshops and exclusive dinners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mission Female also makes leading women more visible in media and on conference stages. Moreover, as the network members do feel responsible for strengthening women around them, they enable initiatives for more political impact, raise more money for fempreneurs and connect with female initiatives around the globe to increase the power of women in business even further. Their motto is #strongertogether to increase gender equality and a heterogeneous work culture for a more productive, innovative and creative environment for everyone.

Mission Female has been founded in 2019 by Frederike Probert, a former digital pioneer, technology expert and female entrepreneur.