A Brave New World?

Review 2018: Global Economic Outlook, Transformational Technologies and Ethics

In today's ever-changing world, the global political order and its impact on businesses and societies are highly discussed themes. Additionally, technological innovation is moving a breakneck speed and is changing almost all aspects of our lives. The world new order, transformational technologies and ethics were the first two core pillars which have been addressed at the Global Female Leaders 2018.

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Reflections on a New Political Order and Emerging Technologies

At the Global Female Leaders 2018 over 250 top-level executives gathered in the German capital in order to discuss four core topics. This review is about the first two themes global political order, its impact and technological innovations.

Key Topics New World Order & Global Economic Outlook

  • Life After Easy Money – A Global Economic Outlook
  • Future of Work in an Age of Deglobalisation
  • One Year into the Macron Presidency – What does it mean for France, Europe and the World?
  • Executive Panel Discussion: The Crisis of Multilateralism & The Rise of a Tribal World – What is the Impact on Politics, Businesses and Societies

Key Topics Transformational Technologies & Ethics

  • Not just Bits & Bytes: Why we Need the Rules of the Road in Cyber Space
  • Risk & Digital Literacy – A Critical Skill in the Information Society
  • How one can Navigate Oneself?
  • AI Innovation for Digital Transformation
  • Exploring, Discovering and Searching for Other Places to Live
  • Empowering Learning through Augmented Reality
  • When Seconds Count – VR Trained Doctors May Make the Difference
  • Executive Panel Discussion: AI & Robotics Driving the Edge of Innovation: Promises, Limitations & the Rules of Play

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