Press Review

Despite Merkel, the cards are stacked against female managers finding success

(Financial Times, October 2019)

Inspiration from 6th Global Female Leaders summit in Berlin and Reasons for FEMALE EXECUTIVES to Put Berlin on Agenda

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How female leaders are ready to take on the digital era

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Female to the fore

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4 takeaways from the Global Female Leaders summit in Berlin

(CEO Magazine, June 2018)

Interview with Leyla Boulton at the “Global Female Leaders 2017” summit: “We observe the rise of female talent”

(Czech & Slovak Leaders, July 2017)

Samantha Payne, COO, Open Bionics and speaker at “Global Female Leaders 2017”, was interviewed by the Financial Times: “Example of the importance of EU grants for research and innovation for UK”

(Financial Times, June 2017)

Leading the world: Global Female Leaders

(CEO Magazine, July 2017)

Brexit, Trump and the rise of populism are hot topics at 2017’s Global Female Leaders Summit

(WeAreTheCity, May 2017)

Interview with Anthony Newstead at the “Global Female Leaders 2017” summit: “Creating a Bridge – Developing and Connecting an Entrepreneurial Community with Major Global Markets”

(Czech & Slovak Leaders, May 2017)

Review Global Female Leaders 2016!

(DFK Die Führungskräfte, magazine by a german professional association for manager, June 2016)

About Global Female Leaders 2016

(Czech & Slovak Leaders, May 2016)

“No One Will Motivate You at Google” – Interview with Frank Kohl-Boas, Head of HR Northwest, Central and Eastern Europe for Google

(Czech & Slovak Leaders, May 2016)

Haben CEOs ohne Twitter-Account eine Zukunft?

(, April 2016)

Interview with Sigrid Bauschert

(Deutschlandradio Kultur, April 2016)

Interview with Helena Morrissey

(The European Business Review, January 2015)

Interview with Simone Young

(MADAME, March 2015)

Interview with Marika Lulay

(, June 2015)

Global Female Leaders 2015: International Networking for Female Leaders in Berlin

(The European Business Review, May 2015)

10 of the best female role models in tech

(The Guardian, June 2015)

Interviewed by manager magazin

(manager magazin, July 2015)