Anna-Sophia Kouparanis


Bloomwell Group, Germany

Already since 2018, Anna-Sophia Kouparanis has been an executive and is one of the few top female managers in the male-dominated and highly regulated medical cannabis industry. In October 2019 she founded, as the first woman in Germany, a licensed wholesaler for medical cannabis: Ilios Santé GmbH. Anna is, among other things, Co-Founder of the Bloomwell Group, a cannabis holding company that includes Ilios Santé GmbH, Algea Care (Europe’s leading telemedicine company) and Breezy, a D2C company at the intersection of lifestyle, cannabis, and community. The Bloomwell Group’s mission is to build cannabis businesses along the whole value-chain, with the exception of cultivation, and, after decades of stigma, ensure that cannabis is accepted in the mainstream of society – both as medicine and as a stimulant.

As a full-blooded entrepreneur and EBS scholarship holder, Anna – who was also featured on the prestigious Forbes list in 2021 – helps thousands of sick patients to better manage their everyday lives with her start-ups. She is part of the first generation of her family to graduate from university. Her grandfather came to Germany as a guest worker.


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From Plant to Data and Innovation: Disrupting the Medical Cannabis Industry

Anna-Sophia Kouparanis | Bloomwell Group, Germany