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Blanca Baez

Global Head Business Development, Pharma & Biotech

Molecular Health, USA

Blanca heads the business unit of Pharma & Biotech at a computational biomedicine and AI company, Molecular Health. Through this business, she and her team commercialize technology solutions to Pharma and Biotech companies to de-risk and accelerate drug R&D. She started with building a business plan, a team, and implementing the strategy she had crafted. Today, the business is about to launch a first-in class POS AI tool that has unprecedented predictive power with 73% accuracy across all phases of development.

Blanca’s passion is to bring to market and grow disruptive technologies that have the power to drastically improve health outcomes and standards of care.

She has an extensive commercial career in different leadership roles in pharma & healthcare technology across multiple geographies. Before her MBA at London Business School, she held roles in consulting, oil & gas, government and retail. She is aware that novel technologies can only create and deliver value that once seemed unattainable through a tandem of vision, strategy and execution.



Technology for Purpose

Blanca Baez | Molecular Health, USA

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