Cecilia McAleavey

Director of Sustainable Eating and Public Affairs

Oatly, Sweden

Cecilia McAleavey is Director of Sustainable Eating and Public Affairs at Oatly. Cecilia has spent most of her career on sustainability and communication. She started off her career as a journalist before moving on to working for the European Commission and the cabinet of the Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström. She continued her career working at Lund University and the University Hospital of Malmö. Before joining Oatly, Cecilia had a role as Sustainability Director at Orkla, another Nordic food company. Cecilia has gained reputation as a skillful communicator and has been awarded several awards through her career. In addition to her role at Oatly, Cecilia McAleavey is chairing Plant-foods Sweden, a trade organization advocating a shift to plantbased diets and is one of the founder of European Alliance for Plant-based Foods.



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