Cynthia Coutu

Cynthia Coutu

Founder and Manager

Delectabulles - a Champagne Networking Club for Women, France

Cynthia is a 50-something Canadian and has been living in Paris for more than 25 years. Before setting up Delectabulles, she worked at the OECD for 16 years, managing their corporate website.
She has 3 passions: people, wine and travel. She tries to combine all 3 whenever possible.
She writes: “Learning about wine has opened so many doors and windows for me – onto new people, different cultures and fascinating places. When I was a teenager my mom used to joke that my friends were from embassy row to skid row. Not much has changed since then.
I have drunk homemade rice wine with the very scantily-dressed chief of a headhunting tribe in Borneo. Perched up high in his longhouse, he shared his top 10 list of things to do on the island with me. I also savoured a couple of bottles of delicious red wine with a slightly more dressed (he was wearing a bathrobe) Governor General of Canada during his official visit to France. During our lovely tête-à-tête in a 5-star hotel he shared his passion about collecting tomato seeds from around the world. I have also shared chang (Tibetan beer) with a bunch of Tibetan monks who invited me to celebrate the Tibetan New Year with them in a monastery in Nepal.
I have sipped red, white, still, sparkling, and fortified wine from so many countries, with so many interesting people, from so many different walks of life.
“Everybody had an interesting story to share.”


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