Denise Ruffner

VP Worldwide Business Development

IonQ Inc., USA

Denise Ruffner leads Worldwide Business Development for IonQ who offers the highest performing quantum computer in the industry. In this role, she is responsible for all sales and strategy for this new technology.  Quantum computing takes advantage of the laws of physics to handle information in a fundamentally different way to “classical” computers that will allow us to solve economic, environmental and scientific problems that have been previously unsolvable.

Denise is a top evangelist for quantum computing worldwide, and featured at many events.  She is an Advisor to the OneQuantum organization, President of Women in Quantum, and co-hosts a weekly podcast “Quantum World Detangled”.  Prior to IonQ, Denise was Chief Business Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing.  Denise spent 18 years at IBM, and in her last role was responsible for the Startup Program, Ambassador Program and sales strategy for IBM Quantum.  Denise had an extensive commercial career at IBM in different leadership roles in scientific, high performance computing and channel sales across multiple geographies.  Denise was responsible for venture investing for the emerging Life Science business unit at IBM.  She has a MS in Neurobiology and Genomics, and a long time interest in understanding the mechanisms of learning and memory.



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Denise Ruffner | IonQ Inc., USA


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