Dr Suzanna Randall

Astronaut Trainee and Astrophysicist

ESO European Southern Observatory, Germany

Suzanna Randall was born in Cologne, Germany, on December 6, 1979. Suzanna has always been fascinated by outer space. Even as a little girl, she was fascinated by the moon and devoured books about space. When she came across the first American astronaut Sally Ride, the course was set.

In the meantime, Suzanna has lived on three different continents. She studied astronomy in London and completed her PhD in astrophysics at the University of Montreal in Canada. Today, she works as a researcher at the European Southern Observatory in Garching near Munich, Germany, and for the ALMA Telescope Project in Chile. But Suzanna has a much bigger goal: she wants to be the first German woman to fly on a ten-day mission to the ISS. In addition to her full-time job as a scientist, she has been ambitiously training for this mission since 2018 as part of the “Astronaut” project – the basic training has already been completed, and next up is the mission-specific training.

Suzanna Randall is passionate about getting people excited about scientific topics, and especially encouraging girls and women to engage with traditionally more male-dominated STEM fields and follow their dreams. As part of her astronaut activities, she consistently shines as a motivational keynote speaker and appears on a wide variety of television, online and audio formats. Since September 2020, she has been co-hosting Harald Lesch’s YouTube channel Terra X Lesch & Co. where she highlights diverse scientific topics.

Her talks on motivation, achieving challenging goals, astronomy and space travel inspire listeners from numerous industries and nations.


Pre-Summit Keynote

Into Orbit with New Space – Launching Germany’s First Astronautin

Dr Suzanna Randall | ESO European Southern Observatory, Germany