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Elisabeth Mansfeld

Head of Cities Program

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Germany

Elisabeth Mansfeld is responsible for the Cities program of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. Prior to this, she spent nine years as project manager in the Chief Operating Office of Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management division. And as an expert for microfinancing, she has supervised projects in China and Mexico.

The growing cities across the world are each a microcosm encapsulating the global challenges of our time: resource scarcity and infrastructure, social justice and education. How people shape their cities will have a major impact on their future lives, which is why the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft promotes impactful solutions that foster integrative urban governance. In cooperation with different partners and in various projects, we support cities with their planning and development processes and with their role as actors in shaping global governance.


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Elisabeth Mansfeld | Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Germany