Speaker Emmanuelle Bitton-Glaab

Emmanuelle Bitton-Glaab

CEO | Grayling & Advice Partners, Germany

Emmanuelle Bitton-Glaab, a Franco-German citizen, serves as the CEO of Grayling Germany and its Public Affairs boutique, Advice Partners, located in Berlin. Grayling, is an award-winning UK-based global integrated communications consultancy firm, specializes in public relations, public affairs, and crisis communication.
Before her current role, Emmanuelle held the position of Managing Director at the family-led German brewery, Glaabsbräu, where she focused on Change Management. Her extensive career spans over 20 years in the field of international financial markets, including her tenure at Deutsche Börse and her role as a partner at an advisory company based in Frankfurt.
Emmanuelle is deeply committed to fostering cooperation between France and Germany, and she is passionate about international affairs. Her notable achievements include being appointed as a Foreign Trade Advisor to France (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France CCE) by former French Premier, Edouard Philippe, in 2019. This C-level organization (3,500 members) focuses on promoting France's economic attractiveness and providing strategic advice to the French government on commercial, technological, and financial matters. Additionally, she was elected as the Secretary of its regional commission for Europe and is in this commission the newly elected representative for Ukraine.
Furthermore, Emmanuelle serves as the President of the Frankfurt-based Franco-German Business Club, Club des Affaires de la Hesse, a key player in the largest business Franco-German network spanning both countries. She is also a member of the United Nations Association of Germany. Since March 2022, she has been actively involved in a Frankfurt-based association dedicated to assisting refugees from Ukraine and civilians affected by the conflict.

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