Guy Janssens

Head of Sustainable and Responsible Investments

BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking, Belgium

Guy Janssens is in Belgium responsible for the management and the offering of the social responsible investments (SRI) like BNP Portfolio Fund of Fund SRI, discretionary and advisory SRI mandates.

Guy has started in 2000 as senior portfolio manager at MeesPierson. Being more and more convinced of the added value in using mutual funds in client portfolio’s he became in 2007 Senior Fund Specialist at BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking. Focusing on portfolio construction he specialised himself in hedge funds and mixed allocation funds.

In 2011 Guy has changed his focus to sustainable funds and social responsible investments.


Socially Responsible Investing: Build up Your Strategy

The trend of socially responsible investments is expanding and offers companies like BNP Paribas new opportunities and business models. Guy Janssens, speaker at the GFL 2018, talks about the development and grow of socially responsible investments at BNP Paribas.