Jess Shanklemann

Reporter on renewable energy, climate change and corporate responsibility

Bloomberg News

Jess Shankleman is a journalist at Bloomberg News, with over a decade of experience covering the intersection between business, politics and climate change. Based in London, she works across the newsroom writing about topics ranging from global climate negotiations, carbon offsets and biodiversity. From 2018 to 2020, she reported from the U.K. Parliament, covering Brexit, the Treasury, and a general election. She used the time spent at home during the coronavirus lockdowns to learn meditation and start a wormery on her balcony.



COP26 and what it means for business

Cecilia McAleavey | Oatly, Sweden

Emma Keller | Nestlé, UK

Jess Shanklemann | Bloomberg News

Dr Thomas Becker | BMW Group, Germany


COP26 and what it means for business

Learn more about the impact of climate change on companies' activities and the main focus of COP26. Here is a brief summary of a fascinating discussion.