Karina Robinson

Karina Robinson


Robinson Hambro Ltd, UK

Karina Robinson is the CEO of Robinson Hambro Ltd. The firm focuses on Chairman/CEO Advisory and Board Search. In the City, Karina is Chairman of the Lord Mayor‘s Appeal Advisory Board, which groups together CEOs/Chairs of City firms such as AON and HSBC, and Middle Warden (board role) of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers. She is a Governor of the London School of Economics and on on its Finance Committee. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Global Female Leaders Summit. Karina writes a column on international politics and finance.
The majority of her career was spent as a journalist covering international financial issues. She was Senior Editor of The Banker magazine and the International Herald Tribune’s banking columnist. Her eponymous interviews with Heads of state and CEOs were syndicated in the IHT. Karina was formerly Political & Economic Correspondent at Bloomberg/TV and began her career at merchant bank Morgan Grenfell as the Spanish Analyst. She was educated in Madrid and at the London School of Economics.


Podcast: Deal or No-Deal? Karina Robinson talks about the current Brexit Debate in the UK

What is happening in the UK? What do we have to expect? And what are the biggest issues for the UK with this deal? Listen to the interview with Karina Robinson who shared her thoughts with us on the current Brexit debate and the near future for both UK and EU!

Interview: Karina Robinson on the Rising Phenomenon of Populism

2016 will go down in history as the year of Brexit, Trump and the rise of right-wing, populist parties in Europe. In order to better understand the rise of populism, our Ellen Comberg (project manager at Management Circle) conducted an interview with Karina Robinson.

LEADERS’ INSIGHTS: Exclusive BREXIT Analyses by Dr Marcia De Wachter and Karina Robinson

Dr Marcia De Wachter is Member of the Executive Board of the National Bank of Belgium since 1999. In her current role she is in control of “Prudential Supervision of Market Infrastructures and Oversight” and of “General Statistics”.