Kate Nightingale

Kate Nightingale

Head Consumer Psychologist & Founder

Style Psychology Ltd, UK

Kate Nightingale is a consumer and fashion psychologist and the founder of Style Psychology Ltd.
Style Psychology Ltd is a (customer) HUMAN experience consultancy with a twist. It is a new view on consumer business stemming from an old view on the human. Our unique formula mixes decades of scientific wisdom on human behaviour, with our team’s unrivalled experience in consumer business and creative thinking unlike any other.
Kate and her associates worked on varied projects with brands like Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Desigual, Swarovski and had collaborated with architectural firm rpa:group on a leisure centre concept design for Water Babies currently being built in China, UK and Germany.
Kate is also a lecturer in customer experience at Instituto Marangoni and previously lectured in consumer behaviour at London College of Fashion. She is often approached by press and has appeared on Sky News, BBC News and Chanel 4 News amongst others.


Welcome to GFL2019 in Berlin!

The preparations for this year’s summit are completed and this afternoon our 6th summit for female executives starts. Have a look at today´s highlights!