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Kathrin Schnidar



Kathrin Schnidar is the CFO of SCARLETRED, an Austrian Med-Tech company specialized in Tele-Dermatology, where she heads finance, investor relations and legal.

Her career at SCARLETRED started in 2014, shortly after her partner founded the company. Since the beginning of the idea of a standardized digital documentation of skin changes, the two work together and developed the company from a local startup to an international successful enterprise. Their certified medical device Scarletred®Vision solves the problem of lacking standardization and objectivity in Teledermatology. The clinically validated software enables high quality remote skin imaging and analysis in a multitude of skin conditions and is supplied to leading international Biopharma and Cosmetics companies as well as hospitals.

In 2015, Kathrin took part in a business acceleration program at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, where first US clients could be attracted. Later in 2018 she managed the company expansion to USA with location in Cambridge, Boston. Over the last years Kathrin managed several essential financial aspects of fund raising, among them pre-seed, seed and crowd investment. In her previous position, Kathrin worked several years in Tax Consultancy at Deloitte Austria.