Kristin Hull

CEO and Founder

Nia Impact Capital, USA

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Nia Impact Capital, a women-led investment advisor leading the charge to change the face of finance by hiring and training women and people of color in sustainable and transformative investing. She is also the founder of Nia Global Solutions, a gender-lens portfolio of solutions-focused companies, and Nia Community, a 100% mission-aligned impact investment fund focused on social change and environmental sustainability in her home town of Oakland, California.



Female Investors for Social Justice

Kristin Hull | Nia Impact Capital, USA

Prof Vanina Farber | IMD elea Center for Social Innovation, Switzerland


Fireside Chat: “Female Investors for Social Justice”

“Female Investors for Social Justice”: A highly topical issue, and having it expertly unpacked by a top-ranking researcher and practitioner in the field is a rare privilege. This became a deeper dive into the topic by Dr Vanina Farber.