Leonor Stjepic


Montessori St Nicholas, UK

Leonor Stjepic is multi-award winning CEO. In June of 2018, she became CEO of Montessori St Nicholas, after ten years as CEO of RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust). During her time at RAFT, Leonor spun out a corporate company called Smart Matrix Ltd and was CEO of both the company and the charity in parallel.

Named Most Innovative CEO 2017 in the Not for Profit Sector by Business Worldwide and Female CEO of the Year 2017 by Acquisition International. Leonor was also named Global ACQ5 Gamechanger of the Year UK 2016 and won a Silver Award Stevies Women in Business Awards 2015. Finalist in the First Women awards for First Women in Science 2016.

Under her leadership, RAFT and Smart Matrix Ltd have also won six national and international awards. Although she has spent 22 years charity sector, Leonor had 15 years of commercial experience before that, in the private sector, including running her own consultancy helping SMEs to grow their businesses in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

Wanting to use her business and entrepreneurial skills to make a charitable impact, Leonor has always thought of herself as a ‘charity entrepreneur’.


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