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Lucy Crompton-Reid

Chief Executive

Wikimedia UK, UK

Lucy Crompton-Reid is the Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK, the UK Chapter for the global open knowledge Wikimedia movement. In this role she has led the creation and delivery of a new strategy for this national charity, which is focused on eradicating inequality and bias on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. She is also leading on the organisation’s work to promote Wikimedia as an important tool in the development of vital information, media and data literacy skills in an era of misinformation and disinformation.

Lucy has worked in the UK’s cultural, voluntary and public sectors for over 20 years, with an emphasis on leading and developing participatory practice and promoting marginalised voices. Prior to her current role, Lucy was Director of the leading UK literature organisation Apples and Snakes, where she led an extensive national programme including live events, artist development and learning and participation projects. Previous leadership roles include Head of Outreach and Public Engagement at the House of Lords (the upper chamber of the UK Parliament), Director of Creative Partnerships London West at Arts Council England and Refugee Week National Co-ordinator at the Refugee Council.


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