Stefanie Babka

Stefanie Babka

Global Head of Employee Content and Media

Merck, Germany

Stefanie Babka studied business administration with focus on marketing at the university of applied sciences of Pforzheim and completed an additional degree as a PR consultant.
She has over ten years experience in the digital and social media sector within several large corporations (Daimler, GM, Nestlé, Merck). She is currently Global Head of internal Content and Media at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt. She lives with her husband and children on the sunny Bergstrasse area between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Stefanie Babka has published two books on social media, one with a focus on issues management and the other focusing on social media for executives.



How Social Media is Shaping the Way we Work

How to use Social Media for Business? And what kind of guidelines are needed? In this article, Stefanie Babka, Global Head of Employee Content and Media at Merck in Germany, presents the main topics discussed during the correspondent Think Thank at Global Female Leaders 2019 in Berlin.