Speaker Teresa Rodó

Teresa Rodó

Head of Global Healthcare Operations, Member of the Healthcare Executive Committee | Merck KGaA, Germany

Teresa Rodó is Executive Vice President Head of Global Healthcare Operations and a Member of the Healthcare Executive Committee of Merck.

Under Teresa Rodó’s leadership, the 7,000 people of Global Healthcare Operations are responsible for the manufacturing, supply and quality of Merck’s biotech and pharmaceutical medicines, as well as for medical devices. Besides serving more than 90 million patients across the world each and every day with Merck’s current medicines, the Global Healthcare Operations organization is also preparing for the future through development activities, such as process development, to ensure that Merck’s next generation of therapies of increasing sophistication are available in a timely manner for clinical trials and future commercial use upon approval.

Teresa Rodó has a more than 20-year career in manufacturing, supply and quality in the pharmaceutical industry. Before joining Merck in 2017, she has been working for Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi in a broad range of manufacturing, supply and quality leadership roles, both for biotech and pharmaceutical medicines. Her experience covers operational and strategic roles, at the local as well as the global level.

Teresa Rodó was born in Spain where she studied up to the secondary level education. She completed her higher education in Vienna (Austria) and holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the Technische Universität. Besides Spain and Austria, Teresa also lived and worked in the United States and Germany.

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