Think Tank Academy – Day 1 & Day 2

The Think Tank Academy is designed to establish intimate networking opportunities while discussing cutting-edge topics in an interactive and content-driven environment.

Pairing Women and Champagne: Blending Business and Passion

Creating a More Human World with Psychology and Other Behavioural Sciences

Innovation Junkie

How Social Media is Shaping the World of Work

New Technologies – Join Our Experience Lab

Evolution of Financial Leadership

Why Your Organization Needs “Total” Diversity – Not Just Gender

The Basis of Successful Digital Transformation – Cyber Security as the Critical Success Factor

The Power of Citizen-Centric Thinking – Why Data is Key to Improving Quality of Life

Trends and Opportunities in the Digital Economy

Democracy Under Attack: Commercial Companies, a Watchdog of Democracy?

Privacy and Digital Ethics – Future Starts Now!

How Style, Tone and Attitude Influences Leadership

The Future of Work in the Digital Age – Why Human Experience Will Be Central to Success

Empathy & Accountability – A Powerful Combination

How the Gig Economy is Reshaping the Future of Work