We record the summit so we can offer you exclusive insights into some of the highlights! Browse through our video selection and benefit from exciting expert interviews as well as top-class panel discussions on cutting-edge topics from business, politics and science.

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Global Female Leaders 2022 – Statements

Virtual Meetups

Harnessing Technology to Solve Global Challenges | A Virtual Talk with Audrey Tang

To an audience drawn from business leaders around the world, Audrey Tang is a breath of fresh air and inspiration. The Minister is quietly confident that challenges are there to be overcome, and without a second thought, they apply the creative thought processes and deploy the resources required to overcome them. Their background sounds like a range of paradoxes: a child prodigy who studied advanced math at the age of five, began programming at age eight yet dropped out of junior high school; a hacker, who started their own company at 15, a civil society activist who is now a government minister. When asked how all these factors lined, up, Minister Tang replies: “Beautifully!” Watch the full Talk!

Leading Change and Making a Difference | A Virtual Talk with Prof Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff

This interview promises a terrific double bill: Futurologist Anabel Ternès von Hattburg interviewing scientist, virologist and entrepreneurial business leader, Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff – a truly distinguished line-up! Indeed, the interviewer, a prodigious author with over 50 books to her name, is herself an engaged social and digital impact entrepreneur and an expert in sustainability and health management. Our speaker, chemist, virologist and entrepreneurial business leader, Prof Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff, has developed breakthrough medicines against infectious diseases and is a true change-maker, impacting the lives of countless people.

Female Investors for Social Justice | A Fireside Chat with Vanina Farber and Kristin Hull

“Female Investors for Social Justice” : A highly topical issue, and having it expertly unpacked by a top-ranking researcher and practitioner in the field is a rare privilege. This became a deeper dive into the topic by Dr Vanina Farber, Director and holder of the elea Chair for Social Innovation at IMD, one of Switzerland’s most prestigious business schools, as, due to unforeseen circumstances, Kristin Hull of Nia Impact Capital was unable to join.

Becoming More Resilient & Sustainable Enterprises | A Fireside Chat with Eva Zauke and Dr Feiyu Xu

Moderator Kathleen Schroeter ably guided two high-profile business technology leaders to share some fascinating insights into this highly topical subject. As intelligent transformation lies at the core of SAP’s strategy, who better to turn to for enlightenment than these two experienced and well-informed SAP strategists at the vanguard of supporting enterprises in their digital transformation. The questions posed were carefully designed to draw out the specialist knowledge of each of the experts.

COP 26 and what it means for business | A Virtual Talk with Dr Emma Keller, Dr Thomas Becker and Cecilia McAleavey

In collaboration with Global Female Leaders summit media partner Bloomberg, represented by moderator and climate change journalist Jess Shankleman, this was a high point in our Global Female Leaders Virtual Meetups. Experts from Bloomberg, BMW, Nestlé and Oatly spoke about the impact of climate change on their companies’ activities, and although their businesses are very different, their messages were not: across all industries, we have to get things done, we have to do them right, and we have to do it now. Watch the whole talk!