About the Global Female Leaders Summit

Uniting powerful female leaders from around the world

An organisation becomes fit for the future through its richness of ideas, approaches and perspectives. More and more women are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory boards across the world, thereby entering top management. The growing dynamics of this trend cannot be ignored. And one thing is clear: wherever this happens, old patterns of thought are being disbanded.

We profit from this increased variety of thoughts, perspectives and solutions.

Enthusiastic participants

An inspiring opportunity to reflect and think about the bigger picture as well as network with a wonderful group of women.

M. Paxton, OSRAM

"You, the female decision makers, are shaping this dynamic."

The Global Female Leaders Summit brings together high-achieving leaders from all over the world. It gives focus to new ways of thinking and presents aspects we think we already understand from a new and unfamiliar perspective. This summit enables women to start a dialogue; women who shape their societies and their organisations – women who make their mark. The Global Female Leaders Summit covers a wide range of aspects, from the vital questions of the world economy to initiatives which demonstrate exemplary actions in times of crisis. It directs attention to new markets and fields of action for companies and regions, enables the joint exploration of visions and strategies, and extends the boundaries of previous knowledge.

Speaker Sigrid Bauschert

Sigrid Bauschert
Founder Global Female Leaders
Management Circle 

Why you should attend

The participants will work out their road map for shaping the future: what are the issues which we as business leaders have to change fundamentally in order to create a world that future generations want to live in? How has leadership developed in recent years? What kind of leaders do we need for the challenges of tomorrow? Which skills, missions and values do female leaders and male leaders offer and how can we benefit from this diversity? But first and foremost, how do we make sure that women and men can develop their leadership skills and make their talents available for business and society?

Join in, move forward, discuss and network with the leading female executives from all over the world at the Global Female Leaders Summit!

What you can expect

In-depth summit agenda, packed with real talks, thought-provoking insights and deep learnings on the most challenging and most relevant topics.

A stellar line-up of speakers, thought-leaders and disruptors who will share their personal experience and success stories.

Exposure to an amazing and unique community of 300+ selected female senior level attendees from across the continents and a diverse range of sectors.

Ample networking opportunities to build and expand business relationships beyond the day among women committed to each other’s success.

Pre-event programme on Sunday afternoon comprising stimulating ice-breaker Think Tanks and our traditional cocktail reception.

High-class venue providing for an intimate atmosphere at Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch.

Who will you meet

CEOs and leaders of top organizations

Board members of influential companies

Entrepreneurs of innovative ventures

Family business owners and successors

High potential professionals and leaders Academics and forethinkers

Leaders interested in broadening their horizon

Let participants convince you

Thank you for this great event which is surely the best one for female leaders you can find worldwide. The range of topics as well as the quality of the speakers and attendees are just amazing. I returned home with many new contacts, great inspirations and highly motivated to make use of the many things I learned.

K. Rieger, Eurowings

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In our Global Female Leaders Summit agenda you’ll find the Summit schedule as well as a list of our top-level speakers.

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