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300 Selected Participants

30+ Engaging Sessions

30+ Hours of Networking

Join Us At The Global Female Leaders Summit 2024

On June 2nd – 4th, you can expect another stellar group of speakers and experts to provide opportunities to discuss global matters and future visions. We are currently in the home stretch of building the programme of the Global Female Leaders Summit 2024.

The summit has been established as a key gathering for forward-thinking leaders, changemakers and visionaries in business and politics sharing the commitment of tackling society’s greatest challenges by the power of action-driven sharing and networking.

Our international economic forum is where real talks on the topics where we need it most take place. So, we look forward to stepping it up for 2024!

The dates and location are set, you can secure your seat now!

Key Topics of Global Female Leaders Summit

The Global Economy: Tackling the Threats

Climate Change: No promises – We Must ACT NOW!

Food Security: Transforming our Global Food Systems

Advanced Technologies: Accelerating Digitalization

Who will you meet?

The Global Female Leaders Summit 2024 is a valuable source of knowledge, insights and networking opportunities that is specifically designed for leaders, visionaries and changemakers across all industries including:

  • Chief executives and chairs

  • Women and men in senior leadership roles

  • Entrepreneurs and founders

  • High-potential professionals looking to advance their careers

  • Leaders interested in broadening their horizon

Use our videos as an insight into the Global Female Leaders Summit

We record the summit so we can offer you exclusive insights into some of the highlights! Browse through our video selection and benefit from exciting expert interviews as well as top-class discussions on cutting-edge topics from business, politics and science.

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Be inspired by former participants

Fantastic Networking, variety of people backgrounds:
academies, industry leaders, government leaders.

Frederique Corbett | Twitter

It is described as a female Davos.
I have been to Davos for many years, but this is much better than Davos.

Chitra Narayanan | GFL Advisory Board

A very unique format which has so many inspiring women from all over the world and from so many different industries.

Michaela Schwinge | Deutsche Telekom

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Interview with Melinda Crane: Moderating the Global Female Leaders Summit

Moderating a high-profile conference like the Global Female Leaders Summit is no easy feat, but for Melinda Crane, it's a task she's taken on with enthusiasm and dedication. In an interview, she shared her personal account of how she became involved with the summit and the challenges she's faced over the years.

Interview with Stefanie Babst: Insights on Global Security and Women Empowerment

In an exclusive interview, former NATO strategist Stefanie Babst, talks about the biggest and most pressing security challenge. She also reveals how the Global Female Leaders Community can support UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in general and Ukrainian women in particular.